16 Dec 2020

This year has indeed been a special time. We felt it was very important to continue our traditional Christmas celebrations, albeit amid copious amounts of hand-washing and separation of contact groups.

01 Nov 2020

Yellow group led us in a fantastic celebration of Halloween, despite self-isolating at home during this period! The early years produced a highly entertaining assembly with songs and costumes explaining the origins of Halloween celebrations.  

11 Jul 2020

We come to the end of our Remote Learning Experience.  We are very proud of all our children for working so hard during lockdown.  Thank you to parents for helping children settle into this new way of learning and to teachers for their tireless efforts

30 Jun 2020

Fairholme pupils have been enjoying their Remote Learning system since March.  All pupils have gained full access to the curriculum through Edmodo assignments, a comprehensive range of weekly videos (specially prep

15 Jun 2020

Music, drama and dance departments were very sad not to be able to perform our show, 'Cats', as planned just before Easter.  Everyone had worked so hard.  We did, however, have one dress rehearsal before lockdown, ready or not

25 May 2020

Thank you so much to all children and parents who helped to contribute to our VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebration.

14 Feb 2020

A very hard-working start to 2020 for all pupils, particularly those in Form VII who have been busy consolidating their learning and honing their examination techniques in readiness for sitting Independent School entrance exam

14 Feb 2020

Parents will be aware of the strong emphasis we give to literacy at Fairholme.  Children are encouraged to read at school and at home and take part in both individual and group reading each day.  We operate a progressive spelling scheme that is c

10 Feb 2020

This half term, the weekly badminton club decided to hold a doubles tournament to showcase their skills.

13 Dec 2019

The excitement of the hustings came to Fairholme rather unexpectedly this year as the first winter General Election was announced since 1923.  We held our own Mock Elections the day before Election Day, this time inviting parents and friends to the Par