24 Sep 2021

At Fairholme, becoming an independent learner is a priority. Form VI and VII had great fun finding out about independent learning earlier this term by interviewing staff and pupils to find out why independent learning is so important.

07 Sep 2021

Nursery staff and friends have planted a lovely garden in the play area in memory of Dylan, who very sadly died during the summer break. Dylan was a popular and much loved member of The Mount Day Nursery and is much missed by staff and friends.

12 Jul 2021

Not deterred by the lack of audience, our theme to culminate this term has been ‘Shakespeare’.  Red group have worked on a 30-minute version of the bard’s tragedy, ‘Macbeth’, while the Blue and Yellow groups have enjoyed the comedy, ‘A Midsummer Night’

10 Jul 2021

Members of the Red Group pitted their badminton skills against each other during the last week of term in a doubles tournament.

03 Jul 2021

A fantastic Sports Day was had by all, this year all events filmed for online enjoyment!  Children took part in a range of individual running, hurdles, cone and obstacle races alongside the high jump competition and team relay events. 

01 Apr 2021

Much of the term has meant, for many, more remote learning. While we had lots of fun on Zoom classes, fitness and choir, alongside creative Edmodo assignments, it was great to have everyone back in school before Easter.

28 Mar 2021

It has been a pleasure to welcome Miss King, a former pupil, in the role of Sports Coach during Mr. Rees’ absence. Since returning to school, sports pitch and sports hall have been buzzing with activities.

20 Mar 2021

This week we celebrate the one-year anniversary of Lockdown – celebration of the full Fairholme curriculum being available for pupils online in the form of Edmodo assignments and celebration of the independence forged by pupils in this 21st century tea

19 Mar 2021

Many pupils enjoy participating in one to one music lessons. Working via Zoom, Mrs. Williams was incredibly impressed with pupils’ readiness to adapt to remote learning.

19 Feb 2021

Form V managed a Lent activity we don’t do every year at school. Apologies to Enid Blyton!