13 Jul 2013

Form led assemblies have continued this term with each Form presenting one day of the week, how it came to have it’s name and why pupils like it.  Form IV took on Wednesday, named after Wodin, the Norse King of the gods, known as the All-father; Form V

27 May 2013

Inundated with phone calls on the morning of our sports day regarding concerns about the weather, we decided to go ahead with sport, unconcerned by hail, wind and rain!  After a slightly wet start, we were, in fact, very lucky and at one point the sun

05 May 2013

We were absolutely delighted that our senior choir was recently invited to sing with the Bangor University Chorus for their performance of  'Carmina Burana' by Carl Orff on 4th May.  After various school rehearsals, we arrived at the Prichard-Jones Hal

Carmina Burana Bangor University
25 Mar 2013

It has certainly been a magical time at Fairholme this half term as we have been making final preparations for our musical production of ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’.  I am sure that everyone who came to one of our performances would agree ho

20 Feb 2013

Following the half-term break, Forms III to VII took a trip into Narnia (at the Narnia Experience, St George's Hall, Liverpool), through the wardrobe to gather inspiration for our forthcoming production.  Having learned about the evacuees in World War

09 Feb 2013

Unlike the JB Priestley thriller, not one but four inspectors spent four days with us in December to see exactly what we are up to!  A huge amount of preparation went into all the documentation presented to the inspectors, in terms of policies, self ev

09 Feb 2013

This half term we have started working on our next musical show, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”.  Each of the classes have read a version of the story and the music department have been working hard in preparation for the event. 

11 Jan 2013

Just before Christmas, we held a four day drama workshop looking at the Russian Christmas story, 'Babushka'.  The twenty members of the cast, ranging from old-timers to some quite new to the world of drama, had a hectic time preparing a play, with Russ

09 Dec 2012

This year’s nativity play, ’Are We Nearly There Yet?’ by Helen and Mark Johnson, told of the important journeys made by Mary and Joseph, played by Abigail and Iwan, as well as those made by the Shepherds, Angels and Kings.

02 Dec 2012

We were delighted to, once again, join St Asaph community at the Street Party, this year held in the RN Williams car park.  The children delighted parents and members of the community with a full range of songs, traditional and modern, English and Wels