30 Jun 2015

This year many certificates have been awarded to our pupils in the UK Junior Maths Challenge.

30 Jun 2015

As one of our end of term activities we held a tennis day during which all the children from Form II upwards attended a tennis coaching session. Pupils enjoyed honing their tennis skills on what appeared to be the hottest day of the year so far.

20 Jun 2015

Kindergarten were transformed into pirates for the day as part of Barnardo’s Big Toddle. We combined this with our annual teddy bear picnic on what was a lovely sunny day.

11 Jun 2015

Balloons were the theme for the Sports and Open Day this year. The day started with children enjoying having their faces painted and progressed on to track and field events which contributed to individual and House competitions.

31 May 2015

Congratulations to Hannah who won her woodwind class playing the flute in a recent Denbighshire Urdd Eisteddfod.

08 May 2015

The excitement of the hustings came to Fairholme this week when we held our own Elections on General Election Day.  Fourteen parties fought fiercely to persuade the electorate that they had the best policies.  These included cars running on water, more

27 Mar 2015

The children have very much enjoyed visiting the Looking Glass World this term and have excelled hugely both in main character and chorus roles. It is great to see so many children gaining confidence and having fun.

20 Mar 2015

We were excited to hear that there was to be a Solar Eclipse on 20th March and were all set for the occasion with special solar viewing glasses and a pinhole projector hoping to record this unusual event (the next solar eclipse not being until 2026).

11 Mar 2015

We were delighted to invite parents, children and visitors once again to our annual Weekend Open Day. The Alice-themed art exhibition was stunning and a pleasure to walk through, admiring art from all the children of all ages.

08 Mar 2015

Form VII enjoyed attending a presentation and book signing at The King’s School this week by the best-selling children’s author, Cathy Cassidy.