The Sleepy Shepherd

Thursday, December 6, 2018

KG, Forms I, II and III once again told the Christmas story in the form of a nativity musical. This year, in 'The Sleepy Shepherd', we met a lovable shepherd (Aidan) who just couldn’t stay awake. Nearly missing out on the big adventure, he and his shepherd friends (Ryan and Jesse) made it to the stable just in time.

Some very confident narration was provided by Benjamin and Henry and an accomplished and most enjoyable performance given by all. This was an inclusive project, involving every child, and provided as many opportunities as possible to build confidence, as well as learn about the Christmas story.

DVD’s are still available to order if you have missed out on this. We are looking forward to seeing much of this emerging talent put to use in our next whole school musical production! Thank you to Mrs. Gains, Mrs. Turner and all the team for their excellent work with the lower school children.