Remembering Stanley

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Forms IV and VII took part in a workshop about H. M. Stanley, held in the community centre in St. Asaph. We took advantage of the fine weather and had a brisk walk down to the event. There are plans for a commemorative obelisk to be constructed at the bottom of the high street in memory of the explorer H. M. Stanley. As Form IV have recently been learning about H. M. Stanley, it was of particular interest to them. The workshop was a chance for local children to put forward their ideas and designs from which the artists will draw their inspiration when creating the masterpiece. All the children were able to contribute and Sebastian’s keen eye for design was noticed by the artists. The children also had a go at copper beating and watched a slideshow of some of the artists’ other work. We’ll now look forward to the arrival of the sculpture in St. Asaph and who knows, we might even be able to spot some of our own designs on it!