Leading in Literacy

Friday, February 14, 2020

Parents will be aware of the strong emphasis we give to literacy at Fairholme.  Children are encouraged to read at school and at home and take part in both individual and group reading each day.  We operate a progressive spelling scheme that is computerised through ‘Spellodrome’ to give the children thorough practice in the spelling and use of the words they are learning.  
In addition to weekly tests and the twice-yearly examinations, the children periodically undertake external standardised reading and spelling tests which enable us to compare performance against the UK as a whole. The tests work by converting each child’s score to a standardised value based on their age, with the average score nationally set as 100.
Our latest results for Key Stage 2, summarised in these graphs, validate the effectiveness of our schemes and show that Fairholme children perform significantly better than the national average within their age groups for both reading and spelling.