Any Dream Will Do

Friday, July 10, 2015

Music and Drama departments have been working furiously once again this term towards our performance of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’.  Because Form VII have shown such an interest and huge talent for music and drama over the last few years, we wanted to give them one more chance to entertain us all.

At the start of our work, many children had not heard the story of Joseph, his brothers and his rise to power in Egypt. Enjoying learning the catchy songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical in singing lessons, some were surprised to find that this was a Bible story!  To further understand the history of Joseph, each of the classes prepared assemblies about Joseph himself, some of his ancestors and some of his descendants. This half term we enjoyed the tale of Joshua from Kindergarten, Gideon from Form II, Samson from Form VI, Samuel from Form V and David from Form IV.

Meanwhile, musicians, actors and dancers were working on their contributions to the final show culminating in the marvellous cathedral event on Thursday in which all children enthusiastically performed. Certainly a fitting farewell to our very entertaining Form VII.

Thank you to Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Cotterill, Miss Messham, Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. Evans and to all the children for their efforts and contributions to such a memorable event.